COVID-19 Update: How Our Small Business is Responding

Highlights-We're in This Together

Like many of you, Bio Swiss has been impacted by the unprecedented disruptions that the coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has brought into all of our lives.  We have witnessed close friends and extended family members faced with losing their jobs and livelihood.  Others have been stricken with suspected cases of this dreadful disease.  In the midst of this pain and tragedy, we have implemented strategies and plans that will enable our business to not only survive this pandemic but also to prepare for unexpected issues that may continue to arise for the unknown duration of this crisis.  

Our Employees

From the earliest days of the pandemic, we implemented a work-from-home strategy to protect the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and their families.  We intend to maintain this work from home policy whenever possible and as long as necessary.  As a primarily e-commerce company, we have not experienced nor do we anticipate any challenges in supporting or responding to our current or future customers.

Our Supply Chain

Maintaining our supply chain has been the greatest challenge that we've faced during this crisis.  Although we are a small business, we rely on a global supply chain to provide the consumer packaged goods and ingredient supplies that we offer.  With a name like Bio Swiss, we naturally source most of our products directly from Switzerland.  

The COVID-19 situation seriously disrupted the logistical channels we normally relied upon when air travel between Europe and the USA was significantly curtailed.  For the first time ever, we experienced delays in the shipping of raw materials.  At the same time as we started to experience delays in obtaining raw materials, the demand for our Immunity Power Beta Glucan jumped.  Although challenging, our current suppliers have adequately replenished raw materials to maintain uninterrupted supplies of finished goods.  We have added additional logistical partners with decades of experience in international shipping that will protect us from continued disruptions in the future. 

Our Customers

Maintaining an uninterrupted supply of products for our customers that have come to rely upon us is a huge priority here at Bio Swiss.  Some of our wholesale customers in hard hit areas such as Cheek & Scott Drugs and Jasper Drug Stores have dramatically increased their sales.  We have e-commerce customers that purchase directly through our website along with those who purchase through Amazon.  As the crisis developed, we were facing the very real possibility of running our of products.  

In order to maintain supplies for all of our existing customers, we temporarily ceased actively seeking new customers by reducing or eliminating advertising aimed at attracting new customers.  This strategy along with the close coordination with our suppliers has enabled us to maintain uninterrupted supplies with only minor exceptions.  We appreciate the patience of the very few that have experienced any delays.           

The Outlook

In the midst of the pain and suffering, we can see some silver linings.  We recognize the preciousness of the small things like time with our family and hope that many of you have also had the opportunity to draw closer together.  Too many lives have been lost or permanently altered but as one door closes another always opens. 

In our business, we have stabilized the supplies of our finished goods while also revising the quantities of raw materials that we store in anticipation of future demand.  We are again accepting additional retail partners while working with established distributors to increase the availability of our products.  We are adding additional fulfillment partners for increased flexibility and redundancy in our operations. We hope that whomever and wherever you are, you can find comfort in these challenging times.  Bio Swiss will get through these difficult times stronger than ever and we are hopeful that you also will be comforted and protected in your journey. 

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