I suffered from active Epstein Barr for nearly 16 months before finding this product. I had brain fog, needed multiple naps or caffeine, would get sick anytime someone brought something home, I couldn't run like I had been for the previous 7+ years and life honestly seemed hopeless. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. When I was given this product to try, within 3 weeks I could see a marked difference. With continued use, I feel back to normal! I won't ever be without this product again; it truly changed my life. 

Rachel Moody 

I’m in my seventies and I started taking Beta Glucan products for the health benefits. I love the immune support and vitamin D provided in the Immunity Power products. Since taking this Beta Glucan, I have never felt better and I have not gotten sick. I highly recommend this product to everyone concerned about their overall immune health. 

Beatrice Frei   


I love this product! Before this year I struggled with colds and sinus infections every winter. I started taking Immunity Power when I first experienced similar symptoms this year. I recovered quicker than I ever have before, didn’t take any antibiotics, and have felt great since. I don’t know if it’s related but my acne also cleared up.

Natalie O'Keefe 


I work with young children in an Autistic Cluster classroom. Some of the children are medically fragile. Immunity is incredibly important. I am so glad I found such a great and natural product to support my health while working with these amazing but fragile children. Feeling great!

Suzanne Atkinson  

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